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Testing of chemical water treatment agents/water and water related products for drinking water

Detection standard

GB 5749-2022#

GB 5749-2022#

  • Detection specification

The hygiene standards for drinking water are legal regulations on the various factors (physical, chemical, and biological) related to drinking water and human health, starting from protecting the physical health of the population and ensuring the quality of human life. They are also legal hygiene standards that are approved by relevant national departments and published in a certain form to achieve the prescribed values. At the end of 2006, the Ministry of Health, together with relevant departments, completed the revision of the 1985 version of the "Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water" and officially issued the new version of the "Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water" (GB5749-2006), which was fully implemented from July 1, 2007. On March 15, 2022, the National Health Commission issued the "Hygienic Standards for Drinking Water" (GB 5749-2022), and the new national standard was officially implemented on April 1, 2023. The hygiene standards for drinking water can include two main parts: the statutory limit of quantity, which refers to the statutory limit of quantity to ensure that various harmful factors in drinking water do not affect the health and quality of life of the population; The legal code of conduct refers to the legal code of conduct for all aspects of production in centralized water supply units to ensure that all indicators of drinking water meet the legal and quantitative limits. In September 2022, the General Office of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development, the General Office of the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Comprehensive Department of the National Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Safety and Security of Urban Water Supply" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), which stated that starting from April 1, 2023, urban water supply will fully comply with the "Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water" (GB 5749-2022). This standard specifies the hygiene requirements for domestic drinking water quality, the hygiene requirements for domestic drinking water source water quality, the hygiene requirements for centralized water supply units, the hygiene requirements for secondary water supply, the hygiene requirements for products related to the hygiene and safety of domestic drinking water, water quality monitoring, and water quality inspection methods. This standard is applicable to various types of centralized water supply for domestic drinking water in urban and rural areas, as well as decentralized water supply for domestic drinking water

Function of testing report:

1. Project bidding: Issue authoritative third-party CMA/CNAS qualification report

2. Online e-commerce platform entry: Quality inspection report recognized by major e-commerce platforms

3. Used as a sales report: issuing legally effective testing reports to make consumers more confident

4. Papers and research: Provide professional personalized testing needs

5. Judicial services: providing scientific, fair, and accurate testing data

6. Industrial problem diagnosis: Verify the troubleshooting and correction of industrial production problems

100% inspection and testing process:

1. Telephone communication and confirmation of requirements

2. Recommend solutions and confirm quotations

3. Mail samples and arrange testing

4. Progress tracking and result feedback

5. Provide reports and after-sales service

6. If urgent or priority processing is required

Testing and testing characteristics:

1. The testing industry is fully covered, meeting different testing needs

2. Fully cover the laboratory and allocate localized testing nearby

3. Engineers provide one-on-one services to make testing more accurate

4. Free initial testing, with no testing fees charged

5. Self service order delivery for free on-site sampling

6. Short cycle, low cost, and attentive service

7. Possess authoritative qualifications such as CMA, CNAS, CAL, etc

8. The testing report is authoritative and effective, and is generally used in China

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