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Whole milk powder testing

Detection standard

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Test items include total bacterial count determination, coliform group determination, Salmonella test, Shigella test, Staphylococcus aureus test, hemolytic streptococcus test, yeast and mold count, milk and dairy product test, protein test, fat test, lactose, sucrose, total sugar, moisture test, calcium, iron, zinc, sodium, potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese, solubility, etc. Scope of application: Whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, sweetened whole milk powder, seasoned milk powder, etc. Relevant testing standards GB 5410-1999 Clean production standards for whole milk powder, skim milk powder, sweetened whole milk powder, and flavored milk powder HJ/T 316-2006 Dairy product manufacturing industry (pure cow milk and whole milk powder) CNS 11509-2007 Edible whole milk sheep milk powder ISO 11865-1995 Determination of white spots in instant whole milk powder DB12/150-2003 Non hazardous food Whole milk powder, skim milk powder, sweetened whole milk powder, and flavored milk powder Inspection report Notes 1 The report is invalid if there is no "research and testing special seal" or official seal, and the report is invalid if there is no anti-counterfeiting QR code; 2. The copied report is invalid without re stamping the "Research and Testing Special Seal" or official seal; 3. The report is invalid without the signature of the main inspector, reviewer, or approver; 4. The report is invalid if altered; 5. If there are any objections to the testing report, they should be raised within 15 days from the date of receiving the report, and overdue requests will not be accepted

Function of testing report:

1. Project bidding: Issue authoritative third-party CMA/CNAS qualification report

2. Online e-commerce platform entry: Quality inspection report recognized by major e-commerce platforms

3. Used as a sales report: issuing legally effective testing reports to make consumers more confident

4. Papers and research: Provide professional personalized testing needs

5. Judicial services: providing scientific, fair, and accurate testing data

6. Industrial problem diagnosis: Verify the troubleshooting and correction of industrial production problems

100% inspection and testing process:

1. Telephone communication and confirmation of requirements

2. Recommend solutions and confirm quotations

3. Mail samples and arrange testing

4. Progress tracking and result feedback

5. Provide reports and after-sales service

6. If urgent or priority processing is required

Testing and testing characteristics:

1. The testing industry is fully covered, meeting different testing needs

2. Fully cover the laboratory and allocate localized testing nearby

3. Engineers provide one-on-one services to make testing more accurate

4. Free initial testing, with no testing fees charged

5. Self service order delivery for free on-site sampling

6. Short cycle, low cost, and attentive service

7. Possess authoritative qualifications such as CMA, CNAS, CAL, etc

8. The testing report is authoritative and effective, and is generally used in China

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