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Quick frozen frozen food testing

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GB 8863-1988#Technical Regulations for Quick Frozen Food # Food#

GB/T 23786-2009#Quick frozen dumplings # Flour and its products # Filling content

GB 19295-2011#National Food Safety Standards: Frozen Noodle Rice Products # Frozen Food # Sensory (Tissue Form, Color, Taste, Odor, Impurities)

  • Detection specification

Frozen food is a low-temperature product made from fresh raw materials, properly processed and rapidly frozen, and delivered to the consumer location under continuous low temperature conditions ranging from -18 ℃ to -20 ℃. The biggest advantage of frozen food is that it preserves its original quality at low temperatures without the use of any preservatives or additives, but its nutritional value cannot be compared to fresh fish, meat, etc. According to the 2013-2017 Forecast and Analysis Report on Production, Marketing and Investment in China's Quick Frozen Food Industry, at present, dumplings, rice dumpling, pastries, Zongzi, and Wonton are among the top five quick-frozen markets, of which dumplings account for more than 50% of the total sales of quick-frozen food, rice dumpling accounts for about 20% of the market share, and pastries, Zongzi, Wonton, Spring rolls, and local snacks account for about 30%. 1、 Test scope: quick-frozen dumplings, quick-frozen steamed buns, quick-frozen rice dumpling, quick-frozen corn, quick-frozen shrimp, quick-frozen fish, quick-frozen pasta, quick-frozen seafood, quick-frozen rice, quick-frozen grains, quick-frozen prepared meat products, quick-frozen fruits, quick-frozen vegetable products, etc. 2、 Testing items: import and export testing. Total bacterial count, peroxide value, heavy metals, freshness, aflatoxin, acid value, coliform group, Salmonella, Shigella, Staphylococcus aureus, fecal coliform group, etc

(1) Quickly frozen noodles and rice (2) Quickly frozen grains (3) Quickly frozen meat products (4) Quickly frozen aquatic products (5) Quickly frozen vegetable products (6) Quickly frozen fruit products

(3) Testing Standard: Inspection Standard: GB 31646-2018 Food Safety Standard: Hygienic Code for the Production and Operation of Frozen Food GB/T 25007-2010 HACCP Application Guidelines for Frozen Food Production GB/T 27302-2008 Food Safety Management System: Requirements for Frozen Convenient Food Production Enterprises GB 8863-1988 Technical Regulations for Frozen Food GB/T 23786-2009 Frozen Dumplings GB 19295-2011 Food Safety Standard: Frozen Noodles and Rice Products GB 2707 Fresh (Frozen) Animal Meat Hygiene Standard GB 2733 Fresh and Frozen Animal Aquatic Products Hygiene Standard GB 16869 Fresh and Frozen Poultry Products GB 19295 National Food Safety Standard Quick Frozen Noodle Rice Products SB/T 10824-2012 Technical Specification for 2D Barcode Identification and Traceability of Quick Frozen Food CAC/RCP 8-1976 Operating Specification for Processing and Handling of Quick Frozen Food

The above article is a partial list. For more testing needs and details, please consult the online consultant of the free consultation institution: 152 0173

Function of testing report:

1. Project bidding: Issue authoritative third-party CMA/CNAS qualification report

2. Online e-commerce platform entry: Quality inspection report recognized by major e-commerce platforms

3. Used as a sales report: issuing legally effective testing reports to make consumers more confident

4. Papers and research: Provide professional personalized testing needs

5. Judicial services: providing scientific, fair, and accurate testing data

6. Industrial problem diagnosis: Verify the troubleshooting and correction of industrial production problems

100% inspection and testing process:

1. Telephone communication and confirmation of requirements

2. Recommend solutions and confirm quotations

3. Mail samples and arrange testing

4. Progress tracking and result feedback

5. Provide reports and after-sales service

6. If urgent or priority processing is required

Testing and testing characteristics:

1. The testing industry is fully covered, meeting different testing needs

2. Fully cover the laboratory and allocate localized testing nearby

3. Engineers provide one-on-one services to make testing more accurate

4. Free initial testing, with no testing fees charged

5. Self service order delivery for free on-site sampling

6. Short cycle, low cost, and attentive service

7. Possess authoritative qualifications such as CMA, CNAS, CAL, etc

8. The testing report is authoritative and effective, and is generally used in China

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