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Special staining diagnosis and others

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Special staining diagnosis and others

In order to display and determine the normal structure of tissues or cells or abnormal substances, lesions and pathogens in the pathological process, the corresponding staining methods showing these components should be selected respectively for staining. Including collagen fiber staining (Masson, etc.), reticular fiber staining, elastic fiber staining, muscle tissue staining (phosphotungstic hematoxylin), fat staining (Sudan III), glycogen staining (PAS), mucus staining (PAS), etc.

P16/Ki-67 immune cell double staining, special staining and diagnosis, enzyme histochemical staining and diagnosis, immunohistochemical staining and other items can be carried out.

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P16 Ki-67 double staining of immune cells
Special staining and diagnosis
Enzyme histochemical staining and diagnosis
Immunohistochemical staining for diagnosis
Difficult pathological diagnosis
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By invitation consultation
International consultation
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