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List of on-site inspection items and standards for masonry and masonry mortar

How to handle the on-site inspection report of masonry and masonry mortar? The test report results of the on-site inspection sample of masonry and masonry mortar will be compared with the requirements in the standard, and the product quality parameters will be reflected in the report. BAIJIAN third-party testing agency can provide on-site testing reports for masonry and masonry mortar. Engineers provide one-to-one service and select corresponding testing standards and projects according to needs. After formulating a testing plan, they will arrange to send samples to the laboratory for testing. On-site inspection service of masonry and masonry mortar

Inspection report: On-site inspection of masonry and masonry mortar

Baikan has many years of experience in the fields of textiles, insulating tools, cosmetics, food, etc., and has Multiple collaborative laboratories. Baikan always focuses on scientific research and is customer-centered. It carries out testing and analysis work under strict procedures and provides customers with one-stop services such as testing, analysis, and restoration.

On-site testing items for masonry and masonry mortar:

Testing items:

Compressive strength of mortar

Masonry and masonry Mortar on-site testing standards:

Testing standards:

1. GB/T50315-2011 Masonry engineering on-site testing technical standards

BAIJIAN sample testing process:

1. Call 131-4818-0553 to consult Baicha customer service to confirm samples and requirements.

2. Customer service arranges for engineers to connect and formulate testing plans according to needs.

3. Sign the contract after confirming the plan and quotation, and arrange to send samples for testing.

4. The laboratory conducts testing of samples according to needs.

5. After the test is completed, a sample test report is issued.

6. If urgent, please communicate with the engineer or customer service in advance.

Purpose of test report

1. Used for internal product research and development of the company.

2. Improve product quality.

3. Diagnosis of industrial problems.

4. Sales use (supermarkets, e-commerce, bidding, etc.).

5. Use of data from university scientific research papers.

Baijian third-party agency testing services include food, environment, medical care, building materials, electronics, chemicals, automobiles, home furnishings, maternal and infant, toys, bags, water quality, cosmetics, textiles, daily chemicals, agricultural products, etc. Testing services in multiple fields, welcome to consult.

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