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Detailed explanation of ceramic testing cycle costs and procedures

Ceramic testing needs to be carried out according to the specified items and methods in the standards, GB national standards, industry standards, external standards, enterprise standards, and local standards. What are the ceramic testing items and standards? BAIJIAN third-party testing agency provides one-stop service for ceramic testing. Engineers provide one-on-one service, confirming needs, recommending solutions, sending samples for inspection, issuing reports, and after-sales service. Issued in 3-15 working days Report, welcome to consult ceramic testing services

Test report: Ceramic testing

Report qualification: CNAS, CMA, CAL

Report format: both Chinese and English

Reporting cycle: Normally 3-15 working days, except for special sample projects.

Ceramic testing items:

Testing items:

Water absorption, frost resistance, lead, cadmium dissolution, calcium oxide, cadmium dissolution, bending damage Load, surface wear resistance of unglazed tiles, failure strength and modulus of rupture, resistance to rapid cooling and rapid heating, wear resistance depth of unglazed tiles, surface quality, wet expansion, potassium oxide, friction coefficient of floor tiles, chemical corrosion resistance, lead, Cadmium dissolution, glazed tile surface wear resistance, small color difference, linear thermal expansion, impact resistance, dimensional deviation, ferric oxide, pollution resistance, sulfur trioxide, titanium dioxide, glaze crack resistance, glazed tile surface, Loss on ignition, friction coefficient, lead, cadmium, silica, glaze cracking resistance of glazed tiles, mirror gloss of ceramic products at 45°C, chemical corrosion resistance, magnesium oxide, manganese monoxide, aluminum oxide, Thermal shock resistance, damage strength, lead dissolution, radionuclide limit, phosphorus pentoxide, appearance quality, sodium oxide, color of colored building materials, radionuclides of building materials, coefficient of linear thermal expansion, chemical resistance, unglazed Brick surface, apparent porosity, tensile strength, shear strength, flexural strength, bulk density, compressive strength, hardness, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, alkali resistance, compressive strength, water pressure resistance, dimensional deviation and deformation, Micropore diameter, wear resistance, fracture toughness, resistance to sudden temperature changes, acidity resistance, SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, CaO, MgO, TiO2, K2O, Na2O, LOI, permeability, Zeta potential, isoelectric point, elastic modulus , shear modulus, Poisson's ratio, elastic modulus, Poisson's ratio, pore distribution, high temperature flexural strength, unevenness, tricalcium phosphate, leakage, weight, daily ceramic glaze resistance to chemical corrosion, resistance to microwave heating Testing, adaptability from refrigerator to microwave oven, refrigerator to oven, caliber and height error, pressure test, color difference, flexural strength, gloss, thermal shock resistance and thermal stability, compressive strength of ceramic materials, safety performance, microwave oven safety Usage requirements, dishwasher safety requirements, full mouth volume, water seal surface area

Ceramic testing standards:

Testing standards:

1. JC/T2138 -2012 Test method for acid and alkali corrosion resistance of fine ceramics

2. GB/T 4738-2015 Acid and alkali corrosion resistance

3. GB6566-2010 Interior decoration materialsLimits of radionuclides in building materials

4. GB/T 2837-1998 Dimensional deviation and deformation

5. GB/T3810.11-2006 Test methods for ceramic tiles Part 11: Determination of glaze cracking resistance of glazed tiles

6. GB/T1463-2005 Test method for density and relative density of fiber-reinforced plastics

7. GJB6475-2008 Continuous fiber-reinforced ceramic matrix composite Test method for tensile properties at room temperature of materials

8. GB/T2834-1998 Test method for water absorption of ceramic pipes

9. JC/T765-2015 Architectural glazed products

10. GB/T 32361-2015 Pore distribution

11. GB/T3810.12-2006 Test methods for ceramic tiles Part 12: Determination of frost resistance

12. GB /T2835-1998 Test method for acid resistance of ceramic tubes

13. GB/T 3295-1996 Test method for 45º mirror glossiness of ceramic products

14. GB/T1970-1996 Porous ceramics Acid and alkali corrosion resistance test method

15. GB/T16534-2009 Fine ceramics room temperature hardness test method

16. QJ1634A-1996 Adhesive compression shear strength test method

17. GB/T1969-1996 Test method for permeability of porous ceramics

18. JC/T 2406-2017 Compressive strength

19. GB/T2833-1996 Ceramics Test method for pipe bending strength

20, GB/T3810.10-2006 Test method for ceramic tiles Part 10: Determination of wet expansion

100 inspection process:

1. Baichao customer service confirms the testing requirements (samples, projects, report purposes, etc.)

2. Arrange corresponding engineer docking services.

3. Confirm the quotation, sign the contract, and arrange to send samples for testing.

4. The laboratory receives the samples and starts testing according to demand.

5. Complete the test and issue a test report.

6. After-sales service.

The role of the test report:

1. Project bidding: CMA/CNAS qualification report;

2. Online e-commerce platform settlement: quality inspection reports from major Recognized by e-commerce platforms;

3. Used as sales reports: issue test reports with legal effect to make consumers more assured;

4. Papers and scientific research: provide professional personality chemical testing needs;

5. Judicial services: provide scientific, fair and accurate testing data;

6. Industrial problem diagnosis: verify industrial productionTroubleshooting and correcting problems in the production process;

The relevant information on testing items and testing standards is introduced here. BAIJIAN third-party testing agency looks forward to cooperating with you. For details, please contact BAIJIAN customer service.

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