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Lyocell filament fabric

Detection standard

AATCC 66-2014#Fabric crease recovery: Recovery angle method AATCC 66-2014 # Textile # crease recovery

AATCC 88B-2014#Joint flatness of fabric after multiple home washes AATCC 88B-2014 # Textile # Appearance after washing

AATCC 88C-2014#Pleat retention of fabric after multiple home washes AATCC 88C-2014 # Textile # Appearance after washing

AATCC 112-2014#Test for formaldehyde content released from textiles: Sealed can method AATCC 112-2014 # Textiles and their products # Formaldehyde

AATCC 135-2014#Method for determining changes in size after hot washing AATCC135-2014 # Textiles and their products # Stability of washing dimensions

AS 3706.2-2012#Method 2 for testing geotextiles: Determination of tensile properties - Wide strip and grab method AS 3706.2-2012 # Geotextiles # Wide strip tensile test

AS 2001.2.5-1991#Textile test methods - Part 2.5: Physical tests - Determination of the number of stitches in woven fabrics per unit length - Textiles and their products - Fabric density

AS 2001.2.6-2001#Test methods for textiles - Part 2.6: Physical tests - Determination of the number of vertical and horizontal rows per unit length of knitted fabrics - Textiles and their products - Density of fabrics

  • Detection specification

Testing items: tensile performance testing: fracture strength testing, point elongation testing, etc. Tear performance testing: tear strength testing, higher tear strength testing, average tear strength testing, tear failure point strength testing, etc. Other performance tests: durability test, fatigue resistance test, abrasion resistance test, snagging resistance test, puncture resistance test, aging resistance test, air permeability test, anti-static performance test, wrinkle resistance test, wire tapping test, aging resistance test, abrasion resistance test, tear resistance test, bursting strength test, etc. Routine testing: pilling and pilling testing, moisture permeability testing, defect testing, glossiness testing, yarn density testing, dimensional stability testing, color difference testing, composition testing, breaking strength testing, color fastness testing, microbiological testing, fiber content testing, antibacterial testing, etc Detection range: woven fabrics, textile fabrics, cotton and linen plants, home textiles, anti-static fabrics, knitted fabrics, polyester fabrics, medical fabrics, special fabrics, etc

Test Standard Methods (Part):

AATCC 66-2014 Woven Fabric Wrinkle Recovery: Recovery Angle Method

AATCC 88B-2014 Fabric Seam Appearance Flatness After Repeated Home Wash

AATCC 88C-2014 Fabric Wrinkle Retention After Repeated Home Wash

AATCC 96-2009 Woven and Knitted Fabrics (Hair Removed Fabrics) Dimensional Changes After Commercial Wash

Release of Formaldehyde in AATCC 112-2014 Fabrics.

Measurement: Sealing method

AATCC 135-2014 fabric size change rate after washing

AS 3706.2-2012 geotextiles. Test methods. Determination of tensile properties. Wide strip method

AS 1157.4-1999 test method. Fungal growth resistance. Part 4: Fungal resistance on coated fabrics and printed circuit boards.

AS 2001.2.5-1991 Textile test methods. Part 2.5: Physical testing. Determination of the number of stitches in woven fabrics per unit length.

AS 2001.2 Test methods for textiles - Part 2.6: Physical tests - Determination of longitudinal and transverse numbers per unit length of knitted fabrics - AS 2001.2.10-1986 Test methods for textiles - Part 2.10: Physical tests - Determination of tear strength of wool fibers - Wing shaped tear strength test for fabrics

Function of testing report:

1. Project bidding: Issue authoritative third-party CMA/CNAS qualification report

2. Online e-commerce platform entry: Quality inspection report recognized by major e-commerce platforms

3. Used as a sales report: issuing legally effective testing reports to make consumers more confident

4. Papers and research: Provide professional personalized testing needs

5. Judicial services: providing scientific, fair, and accurate testing data

6. Industrial problem diagnosis: Verify the troubleshooting and correction of industrial production problems

100% inspection and testing process:

1. Telephone communication and confirmation of requirements

2. Recommend solutions and confirm quotations

3. Mail samples and arrange testing

4. Progress tracking and result feedback

5. Provide reports and after-sales service

6. If urgent or priority processing is required

Testing and testing characteristics:

1. The testing industry is fully covered, meeting different testing needs

2. Fully cover the laboratory and allocate localized testing nearby

3. Engineers provide one-on-one services to make testing more accurate

4. Free initial testing, with no testing fees charged

5. Self service order delivery for free on-site sampling

6. Short cycle, low cost, and attentive service

7. Possess authoritative qualifications such as CMA, CNAS, CAL, etc

8. The testing report is authoritative and effective, and is generally used in China

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