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Where to go for high-speed steel testing with complete solutions? BAIJIAN Materials Testing Agency provides high-speed steel testing services. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a third-party materials laboratory, and a CMA qualification certification agency. It is a collectively owned scientific research institution with complete laboratory instruments and scientific research. The team is strong, adhering to the concept of scientific research and dedication, and is engaged in performance testing, non-standard testing, unknown substance detection and identification, industrial problem diagnosis and testing, composition testing, failure testing, corrosion testing, etc. Test reports will be issued in 7-15 working days, supporting 2D The code system checks the authenticity, and multiple laboratory branches across the country support door-to-door sampling/sample delivery testing services nationwide.

Test period: 7-15 working days

Testing fee: Initial inspection of samples. After the initial inspection, a quotation will be made based on the customer's testing needs and the complexity of the experiment.

High-speed steel test scope

High-speed steel drill bits, high-speed steel turning tools and milling cutters, high-speed steel rolls, high-speed steel circular saw blades, powder metallurgy high-speed steel, alloy high-speed steel, etc.

High-speed steel test items

Toughness test, tool hardness test, anti-rust performance test, bending test, salt spray test, grain size test, impact strength test, mechanical property test , retention test, erosion resistance test, carbide unevenness test, etc.

What does the BAIJIAN test report do? What problems can it help you solve?

1. Sales report. (Sales need to provide third-party testing reports to make their products more unique, let the product data speak for themselves, and make customers more confident in the quality of their products.)

2. Research and development reports. (In the process of developing new products, we encountered some thorny issues about ingredients. We used third-party testing data to find the cause of the problem, solve the problem in a timely manner, shorten the R&D cycle, and reduce R&D costs)

3. Improve products quality. (Discover problems with your own products through comparison of third-party testing data, improve product problems, improve quality, and reduce production costs)

4. Use of scientific research paper data.

High-speed steel testing standards

GB/T 17111-2008 Cutting tools. High-speed steel grouping code

JB/T 5965-1991 Technical conditions for sintered high-speed steel products

JB/T 6581.2-2014 High-speed steel ball automatic cold heading machine Part 2: Technical conditions

JB/T 6581.1-2014 High-speed steel ball automatic cold heading machine Part 1: Basic parameters

GB/T 25671-2010 Technical conditions for hard-coated high-speed steel cutting tools

JB/T 7955-2010 High-speed steel cutter teeth for insert-shaped three-sided edge milling cutters and sleeve-type face milling cutters

JB/T 7955-1999 High-speed steel cutter teeth for insert-type three-sided edge milling cutters and sleeve-type face milling cutters

JB/T 7955-1999 p>

CNS 5016-1979 High-speed steel tool block

GB/T 4211.2-2004 High-speed steel turning tool bar Part 2; Technical conditions

JB/T 3912-2013 Steam treatment and oxynitriding quality inspection of high-speed steel cutting tools

CNS 4265-1978 Performance test method of high-speed steel turning tools

GB/T 8359-1987 Quantification of carbide phase in high-speed steel Analytical X-ray diffractometer method

What are the advantages of BAIJIAN materials testing laboratory?

1. Collectively owned testing institution with complete qualifications and scientific, fair and accurate test reports.

2. Multiple laboratory branches are located across the country, supporting door-to-door sampling/sending samples for testing.

3. The testing cycle is short, the testing cost is low, and the experimental plan is more complete.

4. For initial inspection of samples, no testing fees will be charged during the initial inspection.

5. The test report supports scanning the QR code to check the authenticity.

BAIJIAN testing process

1. Send samples. (Communicate with engineers, submit your own testing requirements and send samples to our research institute)

2. Initial inspection samples. (After receiving the sample, conduct a preliminary inspection of the sample and formulate a detailed experimental plan)

3. Quotation. (After the initial inspection, a quotation will be made based on the customer's testing needs and the complexity of the experiment)

4. Both parties confirm, sign a confidentiality agreement, and start the experiment.

5. It takes 7-15 working days to complete the experiment.

6. Mail the test report and provide post-service.

The above is the relevant introduction to high-speed steel testing. If you have other needs, you can consult the laboratory engineer to help you solve it.

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