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Which company is the best for coating thickness testing? Where can I get a coating thickness testing report that is highly recognized? BAIJIAN Materials Testing Laboratory can provide coating thickness testing services. BAIJIAN is a collectively owned testing institution with complete qualifications and complete laboratory instruments. , the scientific research team is strong, and the test reports issued are more scientific, fair and accurate.

Detection cycle: 7-15 working days

Testing fee: Initial inspection of samples. After the initial inspection, a quotation will be made based on the customer's testing needs and the complexity of the experiment.

Test items: coating thickness detection, metallographic analysis, morphology analysis, microscopic detection, salt spray detection, etc.

Coating thickness detection range

Metal material coating thickness: steel structure, aluminum veneer, spring, High-speed steel, U-channels, steel grids, gates, cast iron pipes, etc.

Polymer material coating thickness: film, paint, fire retardant coating, Teflon, resin sand, etc.

Others: fire retardant coating, anti-corrosion coating, thermal spray coating, electroplating coating, etc.

What are the functions of the coating thickness test report?

1. Quality and safety: Determine the quality and safety of product raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products.

2. Internal quality control: Provide product quality data to check whether product performance meets standards.

3. Bidding test report: Carry out relevant tests according to the test requirements and provide test reports.

4. Product import and export: BAIJIAN test report supports authenticity query by scanning QR code!

Tu Layer Thickness Testing Standard

ASTM A754/A754M-2011 Standard Test for X-ray Fluorescent Coating Thickness

ASTM B499-2009(2014) Measuring non-linear properties of magnetic base metal materials using the magnetization method Test for Thickness of Magnetized Coatings

ASTM C664-2010 Test for Thickness of Diffusion Coatings

ASTM D7635/D7635M-2010 Test for Measuring Thickness of Coatings on Fiber Reinforcements

BS 3424-25-1993 Tests on coated fabrics. Method 28: Measurement of coating thickness and thickness of any extended layer

BS EN ISO 3497-2001 Measurement of coating thickness of metallic coatings

BS EN 13523-1-2009 Metal tests on coil cladding Part 1: Coating thickness

DIN EN ISO 17186-2003 Determination of surface coating thickness for physical and mechanical testing of leather


DIN EN ISO 17186-2012 Determination of surface coating thickness for physical and mechanical testing of leather

DIN EN 2591-508-2003 Test methods for aerospace and aerospace optoelectronic connectors Part 508: Contact parts Measurement of coating thickness

FZ/T 01006-2008 Determination of coating thickness of coated fabrics

GB/T 11374-2012 Non-destructive measurement of thermal spray coating thickness

ISO 26423-2009 Fine ceramics (complete ceramics, high-tech ceramics) Determination of coating thickness by depression grinding method

NF J17-505-1982 Non-destructive measurement of metal surface coating thickness of marine coatings

NF T30-121-1974 Determination of dry coating thickness of coatings

NF EN 13523-1-2010 Coil cladding metal tests Part 1: Coating thickness


NF EN 14571-2005 Metallic coatings on non-metallic base materials. Coating thickness measurement

QJ 990.3A-2011 Coating inspection Part 3: Coating thickness measurement

QJ 1072-1986 Eddy current measurement of non-conductive coating thickness on non-magnetic base metal

What are the advantages of BAIJIAN testing

1. BAIJIAN is a collectively owned testing institution, issued by the laboratory The test report is scientific, fair and accurate.

2. BAIJIAN has multiple laboratory branches across the country, supporting door-to-door sampling/sampling testing nationwide.

3. Initial inspection of samples, no testing fees will be charged during the initial inspection, and a detailed experimental plan will be developed.

4. The testing cycle is short, the testing cost is low, and the experimental plan is complete.

5. The test report supports the QR code system to check the authenticity.

6. Complete qualifications, complete laboratory equipment, and a strong scientific research team.

7. Support writing MSDS services in 36 languages.

Testing process

1. Send samples

2. Initial inspection samples

3. Quotation

4 , both parties confirm, sign a confidentiality agreement, and start the experiment

5. The experiment will be completed in 7-15 working days.

6. Mail the test report and provide post-service.

The above is the relevant introduction to coating thickness testing. If you have other testing needs, you can consult the laboratory engineer.

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