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Where to do the pendulum impact test? What are the pendulum impact testing institutions? BAIJIAN material testing institution can provide pendulum impact testing services. BAIJIAN is a collectively owned testing institution. If you need to do pendulum impact testing, you may wish to consult an engineer to understand the test issues. BAIJIAN has multiple laboratory branches across the country, supporting nationwide door-to-door sampling/sample delivery services.

Test fee: After the initial inspection of the sample, a quotation will be made based on the customer's testing needs and the complexity of the experiment.

Test period: 7-15 working days

Test items: Pendulum impact test

Pendulum impact test range

PVC-U junction box, plastic, metal materials, film, ppr pipe , films, plugs and sockets, tires, metal materials, plastics, steering gears, metal foils, plastic composite films for packaging, cantilever beams, meter boxes, cement boards, wheelchairs, cast iron, etc.

Pendulum impact test standard

GB/T 229-2007 Charpy pendulum impact test of metallic materials Method

GB/T 8809-2015 Plastic film resistance to pendulum impact test method

GB/T 19748-2005 Steel Charpy V-notch pendulum impact test instrumented test method< /p>

GB/T 21189-2007 Inspection of pendulum impact testing machines for simple beam, cantilever and tensile impact testing of plastics

GOST 10708-1982 Technical conditions for pendulum impact testing machines

JIS K7061-1992 Pendulum impact test method for glass fiber reinforced plastics

NF T66-037-2008 Petroleum and petroleum derivatives--Asphalt binders--by pendulum impact Testing machine for adhesion test

NF EN 13588-2008 Petroleum and petroleum derivatives--Asphalt binders--Adhesion test by pendulum impact test machine

ASTM E303 -1993(2008) Test method for measuring surface friction using a British pendulum impact testing machine

DIN EN ISO 148-1-2011 Charpy pendulum impact test on metallic materials Part 1: Test method


DIN EN ISO 148-2-2009 Charpy pendulum punches for metallic materialsImpact test Part 2: Inspection of testing machines

DIN EN ISO 148-3-2009 Charpy pendulum impact test on metallic materials Part 3: Charpy V for indirect inspection of pendulum impact testing machines Preparation of notched specimens and description of their characteristics

What is the role of the pendulum impact test report?

1. For sales use, use third-party test report data to prove the authenticity of your products fake, allowing customers to trust the quality of their products more.

2. R&D use. If you encounter difficult problems during the R&D process, you can improve product quality through test report data.

3. Comparative testing to improve product quality and reduce production costs.

4. Use of scientific research paper data.

What are the advantages of BAIJIAN testing?

1. BAIJIAN is a collectively owned testing institution and materials testing laboratory

2. BAIJIAN has many laboratory branches across the country , support door-to-door sampling/send sample testing.

3. BAIJIAN has a short testing cycle, low testing costs, and complete experimental plans.

4. The materials laboratory has complete instruments and a strong scientific research team to ensure that your test report is scientific, fair and accurate.

5. For initial inspection of small samples, no testing fee will be charged for the initial inspection.

6. The test report supports the QR code system to check the authenticity.

BAIJIAN testing process

1. Send samples. (Communicate with engineers, submit your own testing requirements and send samples to our research institute)

2. Initial inspection samples. (After receiving the sample, conduct a preliminary inspection of the sample and formulate a detailed experimental plan)

3. Quotation. (After the initial inspection, a quotation will be made based on the customer's testing needs and the complexity of the experiment)

4. Both parties confirm, sign a confidentiality agreement, and start the experiment.

5. It takes 7-15 working days to complete the experiment.

6. Mail the test report and provide post-service.

The above is the relevant introduction to the pendulum impact test. If you have other testing needs, please consult the laboratory engineer.

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