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What are the torsion testing institutions? BAIJIAN material testing institution can provide torsion testing services. BAIJIAN is a collectively owned testing institution. If you need to test metal products, you may wish to consult an engineer to understand the testing issues. BAIJIAN has multiple laboratory branches across the country, supporting nationwide door-to-door sampling/sample delivery services.

Testing fee: After the initial inspection of the sample, a quotation will be made based on the customer's testing needs and the complexity of the experiment.

Testing cycle: 7-15 working days

Torsion test range

Spring torsion test, wire torsion test, metal torsion test, steel wire torsion test, cable torsion test, bolt torsion test, drive shaft torsion test, crankshaft torsion test, pipe torsion test, fastener torsion test, round shaft torsion test, etc.

Torsion test items

Torsion test, torsion fatigue test, static torsion test, thermal torsion test, torsion winding test, torsion strength test, torsion fatigue life test, Jimen torsion test , torsional bending test, torsional vibration test, vertical torsion test, etc.

Torsion test standard

GB/T 239.1-2012 Metallic materials and wires Part 1: Unidirectional torsion test method

GB/T 239.2-2012 Metallic materials Wire Part 2: Bidirectional Torsion Test Method

GB/T 4909.4-2009 Bare Wire Test Method Part 4: Torsion Test

GB/T 10128-2007 Room Temperature Torsion Test of Metal Materials Method

GB/T 32967.1-2016 High strain rate torsion test of metallic materials Part 1: Room temperature test method

GOST 1545-1980 Wire. Torsion test method

GOST 3565-1980 Test methods for torsion of metals

ISO 17653-2012 Destructive testing of resistance welded metal materials Torsion test of resistance spot welding

ISO DIS 17653-2011 Resistance welding of metals Destructive test of material welding Torsion test of resistance spot welding

JB/T 7780.5-2008 Test methods for mechanical and physical properties of wires for rivet type contacts Part 5: Torsion test

JIS K6404-20-1999 Test methods for rubber or plastic coated fabrics - Part 20: Low temperature torsion test

JIS K6868-1-1999 Adhesives - Structural bonding shearDetermination of shear characteristics - Part 1: Torsion test method for butt hollow cylinders

NB/T 31036-2012 Twist-resistant flexible cables for wind power generation with rated voltage 1.8/3 kV and below Part 3: Torsion Test methods

NF A03-268-1971 Simple torsion test of aluminum and aluminum alloy copper and copper alloy wire

AS 2505.5-2002 Metal bending test and related test methods Part 5: Wire simple torsion test

ASTM D1043-2010 Test method for stiffness properties of plastics as a function of temperature by torsion test

BS EN 20898-7-1995 Mechanical properties of fasteners .Torsion tests and smaller torques for bolts and screws with nominal diameters from 1MM to 10MM

DIN EN 20898-7-1995 Mechanical properties of fasteners. Part 7: Bolts and screws from M1 to 10mm Torsion test

DIN ISO 7800-2008 Metallic materials and wires, one-way torsion test

DIN ISO 9649-1993 Metallic materials, wires, reverse torsion test

What are the functions of BAIJIAN test reports?

1. For sales use, use third-party test report data to prove the authenticity of your products. Let customers trust the quality of their products more.

2. R&D use. If you encounter difficult problems during the R&D process, you can improve product quality through test report data.

3. Comparative testing to improve product quality and reduce production costs.

4. Use of scientific research paper data.

What are the advantages of BAIJIAN testing?

1. BAIJIAN is a collectively owned testing institution and materials testing laboratory

2. BAIJIAN has many laboratory branches across the country , support door-to-door sampling/send sample testing.

3. BAIJIAN has a short testing cycle, low testing costs, and complete experimental plans.

4. The materials laboratory has complete instruments and a strong scientific research team to ensure that your test report is scientific, fair and accurate.

5. For initial inspection of small samples, no testing fee will be charged for the initial inspection.

6. The test report supports the QR code system to check the authenticity.

BAIJIAN testing process

1. Send samples. (Communicate with engineers, submit your own testing requirements and send samples to our research institute)

2. Initial inspection samples. (After receiving the sample, conduct a preliminary inspection of the sample and formulate a detailed experimental plan)

3. Quotation. (After the initial inspection, according to the customer’s testing needs and the complexity of the experimentMake a quotation)

4. Both parties confirm, sign a confidentiality agreement, and start the experiment.

5. It takes 7-15 working days to complete the experiment.

6. Mail the test report and provide post-service.

The above is the relevant introduction to the torsion test. If you have other testing needs, please consult the laboratory engineer.

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