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Where can I do fluidity testing? BAIJIAN material testing agency can provide fluidity testing services. It is a third-party material testing laboratory with complete qualifications, complete testing instruments, and a strong scientific research team. It is mainly engaged in industrial diagnosis, material composition testing, and material quality. Testing, material performance testing and other services, test reports will be issued within 7-15 working days, and scan the QR code to check the authenticity. Multiple laboratory branches across the country support door-to-door sampling/sampling testing services nationwide.

Test period: 7-15 working days

Testing fee: Initial inspection of samples. After the initial inspection, a quotation will be made based on the customer's testing needs and the complexity of the experiment.

Test items: fluidity test, fluidity pressure test, low temperature fluidity test, particle fluidity test, etc.

Measurement range of flow test

Metal materials

: aluminum, molten steel, alloy, Molten iron, solder paste, metal powder, castings, etc.

Polymer materials

: ink, powder, plastic, microsilica powder, dry powder, ceramic powder, oxidation Zirconium, alumina, rubber, powder, thermosetting plastics, coatings, slurries, epoxy resin testing, etc.

Building materials

: concrete, grouting material, slurry, particles, coated sand, mortar, particles, Coated sand, etc.

What are the uses of BAIJIAN third-party test reports? What problems can it help you solve?

1. Sales report. (Sales need to provide third-party testing reports to make their products more unique, let the product data speak for themselves, and make customers more confident in the quality of their products.)

2. Industrial diagnostic report. (When encountering some thorny issues about ingredients, use third-party testing data to find the cause of the problem and solve the problem in a timely manner.)

3. Improve product quality. (Discover problems with your own products through comparison of third-party testing data, improve product problems, improve quality, and reduce production costs)

4. Use of scientific research paper data.

5. Products are used for import and export.

Liquidity test standard

GB/T 1482-2010 Determination of flowability of metal powder

GB/T 4513.4-2017 Monomorphous refractory materials Part 4: Determination of flowability of castables

GB/ T 5561-2012 Determination of viscosity and flow properties of surfactants using a rotational viscometer

GB/T 12578-1990 Determination of fluidity of lubricating oils

GB/T 13477.6-2002 Building sealing Material testing Part 6: Determination of flowability

GB/T 21060-2007 Determination of flowability of plastics

GB/T 21782.5-2010 Powder coatings Part 5: Powder air mixture Determination of flowability

GB/T 21782.11-2010 Powder coatings Part 11: Determination of flowability of inclined plates

GB/T 23460.1-2009 Ceramic glaze performance test Part 1 :High temperature fluidity test

GB/T 28861-2012 Melt fluidity test of epoxy powder encapsulation material

GB/T 30651-2014 High temperature fluidity resistance of petrolatum anti-corrosion tape Testing

GB/T 31057.3-2018 Physical property testing of granular materials Part 3: Measurement of flow index

GB/T 31113-2014 Adhesive flow resistance test

GB/T 36493-2018 Determination of fluidity of glass fiber chopped strands

AATCC 82-2012 Fluidity of cellulose dispersions in bleached cotton cloth

AS 1012.6-1999 Testing of concrete Part 6: Determination of flowability of concrete

AS 1937.1-1991 Testing of adhesive sealing materials for automobiles Part 1: Testing of flow properties of materials

AS 2891.5-2004 Sampling and testing of bitumen Part 5: Determination of stability and flowability

ASTM B989-2014 Specifications for high flow (HF) zinc-aluminum alloy ingots for thin-walled die castings

ASTM C374-2014(2015)e1 Test of melt flowability of enamel glass frit

ASTM C1362-2009 Test of flowability of fresh hydraulic cement concrete

ASTM C1437-2013 Hydraulic properties Cement mortar fluidity test

ASTM C1611/C1611M-2014 Self-compacting concrete slump fluidity test

ASTM D3531/D3531M-2011 Carbon fiber epoxy polyester adhesive resin fluidity test

ASTM D6449-1999(2015) Flowability test of fine aggregate concrete for fabric formed concrete

ASTM D6927-2015 Marshall stability and flowability test of asphalt mixture

BS 2610-1978 Cotton and a certain Determination test for the fluidity of copper ammonium solutions of some cellulosic chemical fibers

BS 2610-1978(R2007) Determination test of the fluidity of cupric ammonium solutions of cotton and certain cellulose chemical fibers

BS DD-ENV 14312-2002 Determination of flowability of complete technical ceramics - ceramic powders - ceramic particles

BS EN 2591-6315-2001 Optoelectronic connection component test Part 6315: Flow resistance of optical components

BS EN 13880-5-2004 Seam sealants for thermal applications. Tests for determination of resistance to flow

BS ISO 11443-2005 Plastics. Determination by capillary and slit rheometers Flowability of plastics

DIN 53764-1992 Inspection of plastics. Thermosetting plastics. Flowability

DIN EN ISO 7390-2004 Determination of flow resistance of seals of building structure connectors


DIN EN ISO 12115-1997 Fiber-reinforced plastics. Thermoplastic moldings and pre-molded parts. Determination of flow properties

DIN EN 3795-1997 Aeronautics and aerospace. Polyester adhesives. Tests. Determination of flowability

DIN EN 12358-1996 Examination of concrete. Determination of stability. Flowability test

DIN ISO 4534-1985 Glazes and enamels. Determination of flowability. Melt flow Tests

GOST 20899-1998 Determination of flowability of metal powders

GOST 23409.17-1978 Determination of flowability of mixtures for molding under static pressure

GOST 23409.25-1978 Since Determination of the flowability of hardened liquid mixtures

ISO 4534-2010 Determination of the flowability of glazed porcelain and enamels

ISO 7390-2002 Determination of the flow resistance of seals of joints in building structures

ISO 7808-1992 Determination of transfer flow properties of plastic thermoset molding compounds

ISO 12115-1997 Determination of flow properties, maturation period and pot life of fiber-reinforced plastic thermoset molding plastics and prepregs


ISO 14629-2012 Determination of fluidity of fine ceramics (complete ceramics, high-tech ceramics) ceramic powders

KS M3070-2001 Dissolution fluidity test of thermoplastic plastics

< h2>BAWhat are the advantages of IJIAN material testing laboratory?

1. Collectively owned testing institution with complete qualifications and scientific, fair and accurate test reports.

2. Multiple laboratory branches are located across the country, supporting door-to-door sampling/sending samples for testing.

3. The testing cycle is short, the testing cost is low, and the experimental plan is more complete.

4. For initial inspection of samples, no testing fees will be charged during the initial inspection.

5. The test report supports scanning the QR code to check the authenticity.

BAIJIAN testing process

1. Send samples. (Communicate with engineers, submit your own testing requirements and send samples to our research institute)

2. Initial inspection samples. (After receiving the sample, conduct a preliminary inspection of the sample and formulate a detailed experimental plan)

3. Quotation. (After the initial inspection, a quotation will be made based on the customer's testing needs and the complexity of the experiment)

4. Both parties confirm, sign a confidentiality agreement, and start the experiment.

5. It takes 7-15 working days to complete the experiment.

6. Mail the test report and provide post-service.

The above is the relevant introduction to the fluidity test. If you have other testing needs, you can consult the laboratory engineer to help you solve it.

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