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Where can I go for a formal biodegradation test? Where can I get a biodegradation test report that is highly recognized? BAIJIAN material testing agency can provide biodegradation testing services, mainly engaged in quality testing, performance testing, industrial problem diagnosis and other services. It is a high-tech enterprise, CMA qualification certification agency, third-party materials laboratory, complete testing instruments, strong scientific research team, general It takes 7-15 working days for samples to be issued with an inspection report. The issued inspection report is scientific, fair and accurate. Free consultation and preliminary inspection samples are provided. The inspection cycle is short, the inspection cost is low, and the inspection data is scientific and accurate!

< span style="background-color:#DDA0DD;">Detection cycle: For specific cycles, please consult the degradation laboratory engineer to answer your questions.

Test items: biodegradation rate, chemical composition, molecular mass distribution, organic matter analysis, soil toxicity, ecotoxicity, toxic and harmful Analysis of substances, chemical oxidation value (carbon plus oxidation value), sustainability, biodegradation performance testing, degradation performance testing, biodegradation rate testing, degradation testing, compost biodegradation testing, etc.

Biodegradation detection range

Polymer materials, bioplastics, chemical fibers and plastics, organic matter, aromatic compounds, polymer-polylactic acid foam materials, nanocomposites, activated pollutants Mud, disposable plastic products, single-walled carbon nanotubes, LLDPE/starch degradable plastics, plastic shopping bags, food contact products, polyester plastics, biodegradable materials, degradable bags, biodegradation of organic matter, garbage bags, biodegradation of chemicals , plastic biodegradation, agricultural film biodegradation, packaging materials, polylactic acid film bags, medical magnesium alloys, biofillers, polymers, fabrics, microplastics, etc.

What does the BAIJIAN degradation report do? What problems can it help you solve?

1. Sales and use. (Sell your own products and issue third-party testing reports to make customers more confident in the quality of your products)

2. Diagnose and use industrial problems. (When encountering some difficult problems, solve them through test report data)

3. Improve product quality. (By comparing test data, we can discover the problems of our own products, improve product quality, and reduce production costs)

4. Use of scientific research paper data.

5. Products are used for import and export. (BAIJIAN test report supports scanning QR code to check authenticity!)

Biodegradation Testing Standard

DB37 /T 2780.2-2016 Technical Regulations for High-Yield Cultivation of Peanuts with Special Environmental Protection Film Covering Part 2: High-Yield Cultivation with Biodegradable Film Covering

DB37/T 2993-2017 Technical specifications for biodegradation and harmless treatment of livestock and poultry carcasses

GB/T 19271.1-2011 Compost degradation test

GB/T 15818-2018 Surfactant biodegradability Test

GB/T 16716.7-2012 Packaging and packaging waste Part 7: Biodegradation and composting

GB/T 29646-2013 Modified polyester biomass for blown film Degradable plastics

GB/T 32366-2015 Biodegradable polybutylene terephthalate-adipate (PBAT)

GB/T 33616-2017 Textile nonwovens can Evaluation of biodegradation performance Carbon dioxide release determination

GB/T 35795-2017 Fully biodegradable agricultural ground covering film

ISO 10210-2012 Preparation of samples for biodegradation testing of plastic plastic materials< /p>

TB/T 2611.3-1999 Degradation performance test of railway disposable lunch boxes Biodegradation performance test

ASTM D2667-1995(2008) Biodegradability test of alkyl benzene sulfonate


ASTM D5511-2012 Determination of vacuum biodegradation of plastic materials under vacuum degradation conditions of strong solvents

ASTM D5526-2012 Determination of anaerobic biodegradation of plastic materials under accelerated land filling conditions< /p>

ASTM D5864-2011 Standard test for determination of aerobic biodegradability of lubricating oils or their components in water

ASTM D5929-1996(2009) Determination of exposure to urban solids using a compost permeability tester Test of biodegradability of materials under waste composting conditions

ASTM D6006-2011 Guide for evaluation of biodegradability of hydraulic oil

ASTM D6340-1998(2007) Determination of water content or compost Test for aerobic biodegradation of radioisotope-labeled plastics in the environment

ASTM D6384-2011 Terminology related to biodegradability and biotoxicity of lubricants

BS ISO 15985-2004 Plastics. Determination of final anaerobic biodegradation and decomposition under high solid phase anaerobic digestion conditions

What are the advantages of BAIJIAN testing? Why choose BAIJIAN?

1. BAIJIAN is Collectively owned testing agency.

2. Initial inspection samples.

3. Multiple laboratory branches across the country support door-to-door sampling/send sample testing.

4. The testing cycle is short, the testing cost is low, and the experimental plan is complete.

5. Complete qualifications and laboratory equipmentComplete, strong scientific research team.

6. Support MSDS writing service in 36 languages

BAIJIAN sample sending and testing process

1. Sample sending

2. Initial inspection Sample

3. Quotation

4. Both parties confirm, sign a confidentiality agreement, and start the experiment

5. Generally, it takes 7-15 working days to complete the experiment for samples


6. Issue test report and provide follow-up service.

The above is the relevant introduction to biodegradation testing. If you have other testing needs, you can consult the laboratory engineer to help you answer them.

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