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Where to do hydrogen embrittlement testing? What are the items for hydrogen embrittlement testing? BAIJIAN material testing agency can provide hydrogen embrittlement testing services, CMA qualification certification agency, high-tech enterprise, formal third-party material laboratory, complete instruments, scientific research team Powerful, it can provide you with services such as material performance testing, industrial problem diagnosis, unknown substance analysis and identification, component analysis, non-standard testing, methodology verification, failure analysis, etc. The report supports scanning the QR code to check the authenticity, and supports nationwide door-to-door sampling and sample delivery. Testing service, short testing cycle, low testing cost, scientific and accurate testing data!

Testing period: 7-15 working days

Test cost: Engineers will quote based on the customer’s testing needs and the complexity of the experiment.

Hydrogen embrittlement test scope

Hydrogen embrittlement test of SUS304 stainless steel materials, nickel-based alloys, high-strength steel, welded joints, steel pipes, scrap steel, hot-processed materials, metal corrosion, High-pressure gas containers, material processing and surface treatment, stainless steel hydrogen embrittlement, bolt hydrogen embrittlement, pickling hydrogen embrittlement, electroplating hydrogen embrittlement, screw hydrogen embrittlement, fastener hydrogen embrittlement, screw hydrogen embrittlement, spring hydrogen embrittlement, aluminum alloy hydrogen embrittlement, Welding hydrogen embrittlement, zinc alloy hydrogen embrittlement, nickel-based alloy hydrogen embrittlement, bearing steel hydrogen embrittlement, titanium alloy hydrogen embrittlement, brass hydrogen embrittlement, copper rod hydrogen embrittlement, low temperature steel hydrogen embrittlement, copper tube hydrogen embrittlement, carbon steel hydrogen embrittlement, etc. .

Hydrogen embrittlement test items

Hydrogen embrittlement test, hydrogen embrittlement test, hydrogen embrittlement fracture analysis, hydrogen embrittlement corrosion analysis, hydrogen embrittlement fracture analysis, hydrogen embrittlement inspection, hydrogen embrittlement metallographic detection , Hydrogen embrittlement morphology analysis, hydrogen embrittlement crack analysis, hydrogen embrittlement sensitivity test, etc.

20 common hydrogen embrittlement related test items

HIC (hydrogen induced cracking) test

HE (hydrogen embrittlement) test

G2MT (hydrogen embrittlement wear) test

SSRT (slow strain rate decrease) test

TDS (hydrogen embrittlement penetration) test

HDS (hydrogen embrittlement stress) test

NACE (corrosion) test

HEP (hydrogen embrittlement) test

CPT (corrosion penetration) test

HADT (accelerated Corrosion) test

HAT (high temperature hydrogen induced cracking) test

ASEP (natural oxidation) test

HART (high pressure gas welding) test

PCT (Compression Cracking Test) Test

HID (Hydrogen Embrittlement Effect) Test

HIDT (Hydrogen Embrittlement Effect) Test

HDIS (Hydrogen Embrittlement Stress Effect) Test

HFE (hydrogen embrittlement cathode reaction) test

HDC (hydrogen embrittlement charge) test

HIE (hydrogen embrittlement environment) test

BAIJIAN Industrial Diagnosis Featured Project

Yellowing analysis, bloom analysis, return material detection, failure analysis (failure physical analysis, failure chemistry analysis, failure mechanics analysis, fracture analysis, oil stain analysis, black spot analysis, precipitate analysis, etc.), by-product analysis, foreign matter analysis and identification, impurity analysis, defect analysis, flaw analysis, cracking analysis, corrosion analysis, fracture analysis, deformation analysis , wear analysis, crack analysis, blistering analysis, fluff analysis, fogging analysis, discoloration analysis, delamination analysis, etc.

What are the functions of BAIJIAN third-party test reports? What problems can it help you solve?

1. Sales use. (Sell your own products and issue third-party testing reports to make customers more confident in the quality of your products)

2. R&D and use. (During the research and development process, some difficult problems are encountered, and the problems are solved through test report data, thereby shortening the research and development cycle and reducing research and development costs)

3. Improve product quality. (By comparing test data, we can discover the problems of our own products, improve product quality, and reduce production costs)

4. Use of scientific research paper data.

5. Bidding and bidding (BAIJIAN has a relatively short testing cycle, low testing costs, and high recognition, and is especially suitable for bidding)

Hydrogen embrittlement test standard

GB/T 3098.17-2000 Preload test parallel bearing surface method for hydrogen embrittlement mechanical properties inspection of fasteners

GB/ T 13322-1991 Low hydrogen embrittlement cadmium titanium electroplating layer of metal covering layer

GB/T 23606-2009 Test method for hydrogen embrittlement of copper

GB/T 24185-2009 Stepwise stress method Test method for determining the critical value of hydrogen embrittlement in steel

GB/T 26107-2010 Residual hydrogen embrittlement test of external threads and screws of metals and other inorganic coatings plated and unplated metals. Inclined wedge method


GB/T 34542.3-2018 Hydrogen storage and transportation system Part 3: Test method for hydrogen embrittlement sensitivity of metallic materials

GOST 24048-1980 Determination method for hydrogen embrittlement resistance of copper

HB 5067.1-2005 Hydrogen embrittlement test of coating process Part 1: Mechanical method

HB 5067.2-2005 Hydrogen embrittlement test of coating process Part 2: Hydrogen meter method

HB 5360-1986 Quality inspection of low hydrogen embrittlement forged cadmium-titanium for high-strength parts

ASTM A1032-2004 (2010) Test method for hydrogen embrittlement resistance of cold-drawn steel wires for prestressed concrete pipes

ASTM B577-2010 inspectionTest method for measuring cuprous oxide (hydrogen embrittlement susceptibility) in copper

ASTM F519-2013 Mechanical hydrogen embrittlement assessment and application environmental test method for electroplating/coating processes

BS EN ISO 2626-1995 Copper. Hydrogen embrittlement test

BS EN ISO 15330-1999 Fasteners. Preload test for hydrogen embrittlement detection. Parallel load-bearing surface method

BS EN 2831- 1993 Hydrogen embrittlement of steel. Slow bending test

BS EN 2832-1993 Hydrogen embrittlement of steel. V-notch specimen test

BS ISO 9587-2007 Metal and other inorganic coatings .Pretreatment of iron or steel to reduce the risk of hydrogen embrittlement

DIN EN ISO 2626-1995 Copper. Hydrogen embrittlement test

DIN EN ISO 11114-4-2005 Mobile gas cylinders Compatibility of bottle valve materials and contained gases Part 4: Test methods for selecting hydrogen embrittlement-resistant metallic materials

DIN EN ISO 15330-2000 Fasteners. Preload test for detection of hydrogen embrittlement. Parallel Bearing surface method

DIN EN 2831-1993 Aerospace. Hydrogen embrittlement of steel. Slow bending test

DIN EN 2832-1993 Aerospace. Hydrogen embrittlement of steel. Notched specimens Tests

ISO 2626-1973 Hydrogen embrittlement test for copper

ISO 9588-2007 Metallic and other inorganic coatings Post-coating treatments to reduce the risk of hydrogen embrittlement of steel or iron

ISO 11114-4-2005 Compatibility of portable gas cylinder cylinder and cylinder valve materials with the gas they contain Part 4: Test methods for selecting metallic materials resistant to hydrogen embrittlement

ISO 15330-1999 Parallel bearing surface method of preload test for checking hydrogen embrittlement of fasteners

JIS B1045-2001 Parts for connections - Preload test for checking hydrogen embrittlement - Method using parallel coordinates

MH/T 6039-2015 Test methods for the evaluation of mechanical hydrogen embrittlement in electroplating processes and chemicals used in aircraft

NF EN 2831-1993 Aerospace Series. Hydrogen embrittlement of steel. Slow bending test

QJ 2217-1992 Low Hydrogen Embrittlement Cadmium Plating Process Specification

What are the advantages of BAIJIAN testing? Why choose BAIJIAN?

1. BAIJIAN is a collectively owned testing institution.

2. Initial inspection samples.

3. Multiple laboratory branches across the country support door-to-door sampling/send sample testing.

4. The testing cycle is short, the testing cost is low, and the experimental plan is complete.

5. Complete qualifications, complete laboratory equipment, scientific research teampowerful.

6. Support MSDS writing service in 36 languages

BAIJIAN sample sending and testing process

1. Sample sending

2. Initial inspection Sample

3. Quotation

4. Both parties confirm, sign a confidentiality agreement, and start the experiment

5. Complete the experiment in 7-15 working days

6. Issue test reports and provide follow-up services.

The above is the relevant introduction to hydrogen embrittlement testing. If you have other testing needs, you can consult the laboratory engineer to help you answer it.

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