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Where can I test the bench? BAIJIAN material testing agency can provide bench testing services, third-party materials laboratory, high-tech enterprise, CMA qualification certification agency, complete laboratory instruments, strong scientific research team, strictly follow the bench testing method Conduct experiments, and generally issue a test report within 7-15 working days. The test report supports the QR code system to check the authenticity. Multiple laboratory branches across the country support nationwide door-to-door sampling/sample delivery testing services.

Test period: 7-15 working days

Testing fee: Initial inspection of samples. After the initial inspection, a quotation will be made based on the customer's testing needs and the complexity of the experiment.

Bench test scope

Heavy-duty truck body, brakes, tapered tooth drill bits, truck frame, ABS braking conditions, shock absorbers, coaxial rotating heat pipes, Power battery pack, zirconia oxygen sensor engine, clutch friction plate, electric drive assembly, motor, instrument, rubber, wiring harness, battery pack, solenoid valve, fan, radar, etc.

Bench test items

Fatigue test, anti-skid test, torque test, durability test, corrosion resistance test, salt spray test, unknown substance analysis, industrial problem diagnosis, etc. (If you have other needs, you can directly contact the online laboratory engineer to provide you with one-on-one answers!)

What are the uses of BAIJIAN test reports? What problems can it help you solve?

1. Sales use. (Sell your own products and issue third-party test reports to make customers more confident in the quality of your products)

2. Improve product quality. (By comparing test data, we can discover the problems of our own products, improve product quality, and reduce production costs)

3. Use of scientific research paper data.

4. Use for quality control.

5. Products are used for import and export.

6. Bidding, bidding use (BAIJIAN has a relatively short test cycle, low testing costs, and high recognition, and is especially suitable for bidding)

Bench test standard

GB/T 17469-2012 Bench test method for evaluation of friction performance of automotive brake linings on sample samples

GB/T 5363-2008 Bench test methods for motorcycle and moped engines

GB/T 21957-2008 Bench fatigue life test methods for agricultural wheel tractor half-shafts and drive shafts

What are the advantages of BAIJIAN testing? Why choose BAIJIAN for testing?

1. BAIJIAN is a collectively owned testing institution.

2. For initial inspection samples, no testing fees will be charged during the initial inspection period.

3. Multiple laboratory branches across the country support door-to-door sampling/sending samples for testing.

4. The test cycle is short, the test cost is low, and the experimental plan is complete.

5. Complete qualifications, complete laboratory equipment, and a strong scientific research team.

6. 36 languages ​​support MSDS writing service

BAIJIAN sample sending test process

1. Sample sending

2. Initial inspection Sample

3. Quotation

4. Both parties confirm, sign a confidentiality agreement, and start the experiment

5. Complete the experiment in 7-15 working days

6. Issuing test report and post-service.

The above is the relevant introduction to bench testing. If you have other testing needs, you can consult the laboratory engineer to help you answer them.

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