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What is the use of the grouting material pressure grouting sleeve grout test report and how to do it

How to apply for grouting material and sleeve grout test reports? What are the testing items and standards for grouting material and sleeve grout? BAIJIAN third-party testing agency provides grouting material and sleeve grout One-stop service for material testing, one-to-one service by engineers, confirming needs, recommending solutions, sending samples for inspection, issuing reports, and after-sales service. Reports will be issued in 3-15 working days. Welcome to consult grouting materials, pressure grouting materials, and sleeve grouting materials. The testing cycle is 3-15 working days, and can be expedited (except for special projects). Welcome to consult.

Test report: grouting material, sleeve slurry testing

Test samples: textiles, cosmetics, food, agricultural products, insulating tools, hardware, etc.

Report qualification : CNAS/CMA/CAL

Reporting cycle: Normally 3-15 working days, except for special samples and testing items.

Testing fees: Charges are based on the testing items. Please consult BAIJIAN for details.

Test items for grouting material, grouting material and sleeve grout:

Test items:

Bleeding rate, pressure bleeding, fluidity, truncated cone fluidity , Flow cone fluidity, slump expansion, free bleeding rate and free expansion rate, compressive strength, flexural strength, fineness, maximum aggregate particle size, vertical expansion rate, compressive strength ratio

Testing standards for grouting materials and sleeve slurries:

Testing standards:

1. GB/T17671-1999 Cement mortar strength inspection method ISO method

2. JTG 3420-2020 Test procedures for cement and cement concrete in highway engineering

3. GB/T25182-2010 Prestressed tunnel grouting agent

4. GB/T50081 -2019 Standard for test methods for mechanical properties of ordinary concrete

5. JC/T986-2018 Cement-based grouting materials

6. GB/T50080-2016 Test methods for performance of ordinary concrete mixtures< /p>

7. JG/T408-2019 Sleeve grouting material for steel bar connection

8. TB/T3192-2008 Technical conditions for pipe grouting of railway post-tensioned prestressed concrete beams

9. GB50448-2015 Technical specifications for the application of cement-based grouting materials

BAIJIAN testing process

1. Confirm samples and requirements

2. Formulate a plan

3. Quotation

4. Both parties confirm, sign a confidentiality agreement, and start the experiment

5. It will take 3-15 working days (except for special samples) to complete the experiment.

6. Issuance of test report and post-service.

Uses of test reports:

Shopping malls, e-commerce shelves, internal quality control, bidding, university scientific research, etc.

For detailed information about the inspection, you can contact Baiqian customer service first, and the corresponding engineer will be arranged to connect later. Baikan third-party testing agency welcomes your consultation and looks forward to cooperating with you.

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