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Conference sound reinforcement system test report

What are the testing standards for conference sound reinforcement systems? How to apply for test report? What is the testing process? How long is the testing cycle? To get tested, go to Baiqian!

Test report pictures

Test items:

Sound pressure level, sound transmission gain, transmission frequency characteristics, maximum sound pressure level, sound field unevenness, total system noise level

Testing standards:

1. GB/T 4959-2011 "Measurement Method for Hall Sound Reinforcement Characteristics" 6.1.4

2. JGJ/T 454-2019 Quality Inspection Standard for Intelligent Building Projects

3. GB/T 4959-2011 "Measurement Method for Hall Sound Reinforcement Characteristics" GB/T 4959-2011

Test report validity period

Generally, the test report will indicate the time when the laboratory received the sample and the time when the report was issued. There will be no expiry date marked on the test report. Generally speaking, as long as the test is not updated, the test unchanged detection report will always be valid. If it has been used on an e-commerce platform, they generally only approve it within one year. So it also depends on the platform or the buyer’s requirements.

Testing cycle

Generally 3-10 working days (except for special samples), please consult customer service for details.

Testing costs

Due to the different complexity of test items and experiments, please contact customer service for details before making a quotation.

Detection process

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