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Sports venue testing and certification report

What items are tested in sports venues? How long is the testing cycle? How to apply for test report? What are the testing methods? How long is the report valid for? To get tested, go to Baiqian!

Test report pictures

Test items:

Horizontal illuminance, general regulations, sound transmission gain, transmission frequency characteristics, loudspeaker system noise, maximum sound pressure level, reverberation time, steady-state sound field unevenness, background noise, color rendering index and color temperature, illuminance, lighting power density , glare, all parameters, sound decay time, speech transmission index, acoustic characteristics, lighting detection, vertical illuminance, on-site color rendering index, glare index, on-site color temperature, general color rendering index, correlated color temperature, lighting, transmission (amplitude) frequency characteristics , illumination measurement, on-site color rendering index and color temperature measurement, glare measurement, on-site color rendering index and color temperature, uniformity gradient, color rendering index, illumination uniformity, color temperature, stroboscopic ratio, some parameters, lighting power density measurement, test report , Illuminance calculation and measurement grid and camera position, glare calculation, some items, all items, light source color temperature, *illuminance, *illumination power density, *glare value (GR), stadium lighting, horizontal illuminance and uniformity, vertical illuminance And uniformity, glare limits

Testing standards:

1. "Sports Stadium Lighting Design and Testing Standards" JGJ153-2016 (9.1, 9.2, Appendix A)

< p>2. GB 50371-2006 Language Transmission Index

3. GB 50948-2013 Technical Specification for Stadium Architectural Acoustics GB 50948-2013

4. JGJ 153-2016 9.1 Stadium Lighting Design and inspection standards, 9.2, Appendix A

5, JGJ/T 153-2016 Sports venue lighting design and inspection standards 9.1

6, JGJ 153-2016 9.4 Sports venue lighting design and testing standards

7. JGJ/T 153-2016 Sports venue lighting design and testing standards JGJ/T 153-2016

8. GB/T 50948-2013 "Stadium Architectural Acoustics Technical Specifications》 6

9. GB/T28049-2011 Design Specifications for Sound Reinforcement Systems in Halls and Sports Venues

10. GB50635-2010 Design Specifications for Conference and Video Venue System Engineering

11. GB 50635-2010 System engineering design specifications for video conference venues

12. JGJ153-2016 Lighting design and testing standards for sports venues

13. GB50793-2012 Video conference venues System engineering construction and acceptance specifications

14. JGJ153-20169 Sports venue lighting design and testing standards

15. JGJ/T 131-2012 Sports venue acoustic design and measurement regulations JGJ/T 131-2012

16. JGJ 153-2016 Sports venue lighting design and testing standards JGJ 153-2016

17. JGJ 153-2016 Sports venue lighting design and testing standards 9.4

18. JGJ/T131 -2012 Sports Venue Acoustic Design and Measurement Regulations 4.1, 5.1

19, JGJ153-20169.4 Sports Venue Lighting Design and Testing Standard

20, GB/T5700-2008 Lighting Measurement Method 6.4< /p>

Uses of test reports

Shopping malls, e-commerce shelves, internal quality control, bidding, university scientific research, etc.

Test report validity period

Generally, the test report will indicate the time when the laboratory received the sample and the time when the report was issued. There will be no expiry date marked on the test report. Generally speaking, as long as the test is not updated, the test unchanged detection report will always be valid. If it has been used on an e-commerce platform, they generally only approve it within one year. So it also depends on the platform or the buyer’s requirements.

Testing time period

Generally 3-10 working days (except for special samples), please consult customer service for details.

Testing costs

Due to the different complexity of test items and experiments, please contact customer service for details before making a quotation.

Detection process

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