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BAIJIAN is committed to providing enterprises and individuals with convenient and efficient testing entrustment services, simplifying the testing process, and improving testing service efficiency. It uses the Internet + testing e-commerce to provide customers with diversified choices, fundamentally reduce testing costs, improve time efficiency, and break the Industry limitations and industry bottlenecks create an innovative testing platform for the industry.
BAIJIAN’s purpose is to build the leading social media in the inspection and testing industry, so that inspectors and quality people can obtain the industry’s latest policies, reforms, standards and regulations, institutional dynamics, business opportunities and other information every day, reducing information gaps and realizing information equal.
The testing institutions settled by BAIJIAN cover the entire testing industry. Online one-to-one service. The test report is delivered on time and with high quality, and you can enjoy the report delivery service: on the Baijian platform, customers can complete everything from ordering services to submitting entrustment information to finally paying the test fee online, and can complete the inspection process without going out. Reports are delivered on time and of high quality. The Baijian platform is committed to providing testing services to enterprises and individuals. It uses the Internet + testing e-commerce to provide customers with diversified testing services. BAIJIAN-makes testing easier.


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